KorGE Fonts

KorGE supports Device, Bitmap and TTF fonts on all the targets.

BitmapFonts are handled by KorIM.

Table of contents:

Bitmap fonts

You can read a BitmapFont by using the readBitmapFont from KorIM. It supports the standard XML and FNT bitmap font formats.

suspend fun VfsFile.readBitmapFont(imageFormat: ImageFormat = RegisteredImageFormats): BitmapFont

You can use BitmapFonts with the Text view:

text("Hello World", textSize = 32.0, font = myBitmapFont)

Device fonts

You can construct BitmapFonts, automatically building atlases, by constructing the BitmapFont like this:

fun BitmapFont(fontName: String, fontSize: Int, chars: String = BitmapFontGenerator.LATIN_BASIC, mipmaps: kotlin.Boolean = true)

TTF fonts

You can render TTF fonts to bitmaps to later using them with:

val font = TtfFont(resourcesVfs["myfont.ttf"].readAll().openSync())
val bitmap = NativeImage(512, 128).apply {
    getContext2d().fillText(font, "HELLO WORLD", size = 32.0, x = 0.0, y = 0.0, color = Colors.RED, origin = TtfFont.Origin.TOP)