KorGE Game Window


browse to open an URL in the default internet browser

In order to open a URL with the default user Internet Browser:


alert/alertError to display a message

To display an alert message or exception with a native dialog:

views.gameWindow.alert("My message")
views.gameWindow.alertError(Exception("My error message"))



confirm to ask for a YES or NO

To ask the user to confirm an action with a native dialog:

val result: Boolean = views.gameWindow.confirm("My message")


prompt to ask for a text

You can use prompt to ask the user to type/prompt/input a string with a native dialog:

val result: String = views.gameWindow.prompt("My title", "default")


close to close the window

This will close the window.

openFileDialog to open a native file dialog

To ask the user to select to open one or more files, both for writing and/or reading with the native file dialog.

val selectedFiles: List<VfsFile> = views.gameWindow.openFileDialog(FileFilter("Images" to listOf("*.jpg", "*.jpg")), write = false, multi = true, currentDir = null)