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Atlas is a way to pack several images into a single bigger image while being able to reference smaller parts of that image.

Why would one want to do that? Well, in computer graphics there is a thing called batch rendering (each batch is one communication with the GPU), when using fragments of a single big image you can reduce the number of those batches and making the game to perform much better.

Also atlases usually put some space between images, that’s because when doing mipmaping or linear sampling, sometimes near pixels are interpolated / mixed.

	"frames": [
		{ "filename": "korge.png", "frame": {"x": 2,"y": 2,"w": 64,"h": 64}, "rotated": false, "sourceSize": {"w": 64,"h": 64}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x": 0,"y": 0,"w": 64,"h": 64}, "trimmed": false },
		{ "filename": "korim.png", "frame": {"x": 2,"y": 70,"w": 64,"h": 64}, "rotated": false, "sourceSize": {"w": 64,"h": 64}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x": 0,"y": 0,"w": 64,"h": 64}, "trimmed": false },
		{ "filename": "korau.png", "frame": {"x": 2,"y": 138,"w": 64,"h": 64}, "rotated": false, "sourceSize": {"w": 64,"h": 64}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x": 0,"y": 0,"w": 64,"h": 64}, "trimmed": false}
	"meta": { "app": "korge", "format": "RGBA8888", "image": "logos.atlas.png", "scale": 1.0, "size": { "w": 68,"h": 204}, "version": "1.0.0" }

Loading atlases

KorGE supports .json-based (array and hash) and .xml-based atlases. From a VfsFile, you can call the .readAtlas() extension method. It will detect the JSON and XML formats automatically and will read it.

So for example:

val atlas: Atlas = resourcesVfs["character.atlas.json"].readAtlas()

Extracting images from the Atlas

You can just use the operator fun get to access individual images

val image: BmpSlice = atlas["image.png"]

You can access the list of available entries with:

val entries: List<Atlas.Entry> = atlas.entries

Automatic atlas generation

KorGE build plugin supports generating an atlas from a set of images directly. Just create a file with the .atlas extension in your resources folder. In that file you have to place a name of the folder whose images will be included in the atlas. Then you need to refer to the generated .atlas.json file.

For example, if you have a logos folder in your resources, you can get the atlas this way:

val atlas: Atlas = resourcesVfs["logos.atlas.json"].readAtlas()

Extract several SpriteAnimations from an Atlas

You can use atlases to store one or several animations. KorGE allows you to build SpriteAnimation from an Atlas easily either from all the frames in the atlas, or just with a subset.

val animation1 = atlas.getSpriteAnimation() // Includes all the images
val animation2 = atlas.getSpriteAnimation("RunRight") // Includes the images starting with RunRight 
val animation3 = atlas.getSpriteAnimation(Regex("beam\\d+.png")) // Includes the images starting with beam, following a number and ending with .png

Runtime Atlas Generation

val atlas = MutableAtlasUnit()
val slice = resourcesVfs["test.png"].readBitmapSlice(atlas = atlas)
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