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3rd Game Jam

Coming soon in 2023…

2nd Game Jam

Due date 5th September 2021

Important: Last minute update

Due date for entries updated from 31 August 2021 to 5th September 2021. Summarizing: there are 5 extra days.

The rationale for this is the mismatch between the number of contestants and entries. 20 contestants, and only 5 entries. We believe that this might be related to the due date being in weekdays and not in a weekend when people have more time (no work or studies), and some participants might have missed the date. So we are extending the time to this weekend. To be fair with everyone: in this time current entries are allowed to be updated and improved, people that missed the date can send their entries, and new participants, even having less time than other participants, can also join if they want.

Thanks for your understanding, and good luck everyone!

1st Game Jam

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