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Hot Reloading

Document reviewed for 5.1.0
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KorGE supports Hot Reloading / Auto Reloading on the JVM target. That means that, you can make changes in the code, save and see those changes reflected almost immediately in your game window.

To do so, you need to use scenes and call the runJvmAutoreload gradle task.

Main & Scene

import korlibs.image.color.*
import korlibs.korge.*
import korlibs.korge.scene.*
import korlibs.korge.view.*

suspend fun main() = Korge {
    val sceneContainer = sceneContainer()
    sceneContainer.changeTo { MyScene() }

class MyScene : Scene() {
    override suspend fun SContainer.sceneMain() {
        // Put your code here (try change the color for example)
        solidRect(100, 100, Colors.RED)

Gradle Task

./gradlew runJvmAutoreload
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