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Bin Packing

KorMA provides some utilities for bin packing: Bin Packing, MaxRects...

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BinPacker allows to place rectangles tightly packed without overlapping in a reduced space. A popular use case is generating atlases; packing several smaller images in a texture either at compilation time, or dynamically at runtime.

val packer = BinPacker(100, 100)
val result = packer.addBatch(listOf(Size(20, 10), Size(10, 30), Size(100, 20), Size(20, 80)))
    "[Rectangle(x=20, y=50, width=20, height=10), Rectangle(x=20, y=20, width=10, height=30), Rectangle(x=0, y=0, width=100, height=20), Rectangle(x=0, y=20, width=20, height=80)]",
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