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KProject is a mechanism, and a set of gradle plugins to share kotlin libraries and modules by source code instead of precompiled libraries for each platform by using a YAML-based configuration file. It allows transitive dependencies, dependency resolving to the latest version, etc.

KProject was designed as a mechanism to easily evolve KorGE’s ecosystem. By being able to rapidly release and update libraries, modules and assets with code. You can access modules designed for the Korlibs ecosystem in


In order to be able to use KProject, you just have to: install a settings.gradle.kts plugin, create a deps.kproject.yml, make your projects depend on that deps.kproject.yml.


// kproject is published to central, also mavenLocal allows for using it while developing
pluginManagement { repositories { mavenLocal(); mavenCentral(); google(); gradlePluginPortal() } }

plugins {
    //id("com.soywiz.kproject.settings") version "0.0.1-SNAPSHOT" // While developing
    id("com.soywiz.kproject.settings") version "0.3.1" // Substitute by the latest version

// Here we ensure deps.kproject.yml file is loaded and gradle modules are created




dependencies {
    add("commonMainApi", project(":deps"))

kproject.yml reference

The dependencies and testDependencies section

kproject.yml files have a dependencies section that is an array of dependencies. For example:

# folder-based dependencies
- ./path/to/my/project
# GIT repository dependencies
# maven dependencies
- org.jetbrains.kotlinx:kotlinx-coroutines-core:1.6.4
- maven::jvm::org.mockito:mockito-core:5.3.1
- io.mockk:mockk-android:1.13.5::jvm

The plugins section

Right now, kproject supports the kotlinx-serialization plugin:

- serialization

Specifying targets

By default, kprojects automatically generate kotlin multiplatform gradle projects targeting all the kotlin targets. It is possible to specify specific targets like jvm, js, android, desktop, mobile or wasm to be the only ones to be created when using kproject. For example in the case we are working on a JVM-only project outside korge.

targets: [jvm, js]

Specify JVM versions

You can specify JVM and Android JVM versions by setting the following properties either in deps.kproject.yml or in the file on your root project.


Forcing specific maven artifact versions

In the case we depend on libraries that depend on different library versions, we can force to use a specific version with the versions section:

- "com.soywiz.korlibs.korge2:korge": "4.0.6"

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