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Template Functions

KorTE include some basic functions by default.

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This functions allows to pick a value in a list in a cyclic way:

assertEquals("a", Template("{{ cycle(['a', 'b'], 2) }}")())
assertEquals("b", Template("{{ cycle(['a', 'b'], -1) }}")())


Along the .. operator, allows you to create a range and to specify a custom step instead of the default 1.

assertEquals("[0, 1, 2, 3]", Template("{{ 0..3 }}")())
assertEquals("[0, 1, 2, 3]", Template("{{ range(0,3) }}")())
assertEquals("[0, 2]", Template("{{ range(0,3,2) }}")())


This function is used inside a {% block %} block when used in inheritance to place the content of the block defined in ancestors. Acts like a super.myblock() in kotlin.

{% block myblock %}
    Before the default content
    {{ parent() }}
    After the default content
{% endblock %}
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