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The iOS target uses Kotlin/Native. Generates a small application with additional dependencies. It uses OpenGL (future versions will use metal) for rendering, and CoreAudio for audio output.

It includes a thin Objective-C wrapper for the entry point of the application so it doesn’t have to include the Swift runtime on older iOS versions.


./gradlew iosRunSimulatorDebug       # Runs the APP in the simulator


./gradlew iosBuildSimulatorDebug     # Creates an APP file
./gradlew iosInstallSimulatorDebug   # Installs an APP file in the simulator

The build/platforms/ios should be created with an XCode project. You can open the project with XCode to properly package, sign and upload your application to the iOS AppStore.

Installing XCode

The iOS target requires XCode and the iOS SDKs to be installed to work properly. You can install XCode from the MacOS App Store.

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