Welcome to KorGE


KorGE Game Engine is an KotlinOpen Source modern Game Engine created in KotlinKotlin designed to be extremely portable and really enjoyable to use. It works on Desktop, Web and Mobile. It is fully asynchronous, so it is also nice for the web.

It includes libraries for game development and other areas, an asset & library store, starter kits, and an IntellIJ plugin to improve the workflow.

You can see a small presentation of KorGE here: https://korge.org/


Table of contents:

1. Install IntelliJ IDEA

Install JetBrains ToolBox

JetBrains ToolBox supports installing and keeping up-to-date all the JetBrains products. It is free. And supports installing the free IDEs available including IntelliJ IDEA Communit Edition.

Manually Install IntelliJ IDEA

2. Install the KorGE IntelliJ IDEA plugin:

Install Button:

You can click here to install the plugin:

Plugin website:

Or download the plugin from the KorGE Plugin page.

Plugin settings:

3. Create a Project

Install one of the starter kits or samples available using the New Project... Wizard:

You can select one of the Starter Kits or one of the Showcases with a full game:

4. Access the KorGE Store

In order to access some KorGE features, you can install them via the KorGE Store.

You can access that store via: https://store.korge.org/

Or inside the IntelliJ Plugin navigation bar:

Or when opening your build.gradle.kts or your deps.kproject.yml:

5. Running your code

When creating a new project a new run configuration runJvmAutoreload should be available:

You can also double click on the Gradle β†’ Tasks β†’ run β†’ runJvmAutoreload to create a run configuration and execute your program:

Next Steps

Now that you have a working environment, let’s explore other concepts.

  1. Take your first steps learning to create a sample game with basic shapes.
  2. Then build a more complex and realistic game with a step-by-step tutorial to build a 2048 game.
  3. Finally, deploy it in one of our supported platforms.

From there you can get a deep look to the reference documentation.

Asking Questions and Solving Doubts

You can ask questions in:

We have a nice and welcoming community! Feel free to drop in.


KorGE uses intelliJ as IDE + Gradle for building. You can check how to set-up the environment here.

Gradle IntelliJ


KorGE uses Kotlin and several other Korlibs libraries:

Kotlin Korlibs Korio Korma Korim Korau Korui Klock


  • You can target JVM Desktop and Android using Kotlin/JVM.
  • With JavaScript you can generate Web and PWA applications.
  • With Kotlin/Native you can generate native Windows, Linux, macOS executables, as well as native iOS applications.