KorGE Game Engine is an Open Source modern Game Engine created in KotlinKotlin designed to be extremely portable and really enjoyable to use.

It works on Desktop, Web and Mobile. And it is fully asynchronous, so it is also nice for the web.

You can see a small presentation of KorGE here: https://korge.org/



KorGE uses intelliJ as IDE + Gradle for building. You can check how to set-up the environment here.

Gradle IntelliJ


KorGE uses Kotlin and several other soywiz’s Korlibs libraries:

Kotlin Korlibs Korio Korma Korim Korau Korui Klock


  • You can target JVM Desktop and Android using Kotlin/JVM.
  • With JavaScript you can generate Web and PWA applications.
  • With Kotlin/Native you can generate native Windows, Linux, macOS executables, as well as native iOS applications.

Where to start:

You can start reading about setup and start making your first game.